Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines No Mile Promo to Manila/Cebu/Clark

It is no secret that Filipinos love everything Korean, from K-drama to K-pop star idols to kimchi, bulgogi and bibimbap.
So it’s not a surprise that its national carrier, Asiana Airlines, is a favourite of many Filipino travellers since its inaugural flight to Manila in 1994 and for all the right reasons:

  • 5-star airline
  • Winner of 3 World’s best: economy cabin, seats, catering
  • Incheon airport is ranked the 2nd best airport in the world
  • Free city tours to savour Seoul
  • 1pc x 23kgs baggage allowance (+1pc extra at 23kgs)
  • Star Alliance affiliate

Asiana Airlines was established in 1988 and has a daily flight from London Heathrow to Seoul Incheon Airport in South Korea.

From this bustling hub there are daily connections to the Philippines (Manila, Cebu & Clark).

To acknowledge your continued patronage and loyalty, Asiana Airlines has launched a special offer at GBP516 including taxes.
Plus an option to join a transit tour in Incheon Seoul South Korea.

Let’s explore the mixed cultural heritage of Manila, frolic in pristine beaches of Cebu and discover the charm of Clark.

Book now at 0207 404 8877 or follow this link for flights.

A month ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join an educational trip courtesy of Asiana Airlines and Phil Dept of Tourism – London. Since I have not taken my annual summer holiday in the Philippines this year, I was very much looking forward to the prospect of dipping my toes in the cool waters of and white sandy beaches of Boracay, indulge in lechon, mangoes, lanzones, durian and mangosteen in Cebu and learn a bit more about our historic past around the walls of Intramuros---all part of our itinerary. But before everyone thinks it was all fun, we all really worked hard on this trip, squeezing 3-4 hotel viewings in a day, plus the seemingly endless flights from one destination to the other and enduring an evening boat amidst heavy downpour and strong winds. At one point, our headstart was at 5am and finished at 10pm. And yet, everyone would agree that it was fun and well worth it.

Anyway, after my Asiana experience, I want to comment on some points frequently asked by travellers which are deciding factors in choosing their carrier, aside from cost of course. By the way, Asiana often comes up with promotional fares to Manila/Cebu/Clark (please check our website).

Filling / sumptuous / generous servings and perfectly suited to Asian palette. Unique Korean dish, Bibimbap is also nutritious
Comfort / Seat Pitch
A bit wider than most that I have tried (33”-35” wide). Individual TV screen with Audio/Video on Demand System
Asiana Airlines
Duty Free Shopping / Airport Amenities
One of the Best Airports in the World with lots of choices for that all important last minute ‘pasalubong’ shopping
Baggage Allowance
Up to 2 Baggage, Total 46Kgs + 10Kgs hand luggage.

The long lay over in Incheon on the return trip is not a deterrent as there are loads of things to while away time. At the entrance towards the duty free shops, the cultural and exhibition centre greets every traveller with young ladies clad in their national costume. You are welcome to participate in different activities, such as piecing together a mobile phone accessory (which becomes a souvenir), learn about Korean food/cooking or just simply watch and listen at the on-going musical presentation. Right across is a lift and escalator access to the 4th floor where the HUB lounge and airport hotels are located. In the same area, you will find coffee shops, nail and massage salon, shower room (free except for towel usage), free internet use and more more importantly, the RELAXING CHAIRS to comfort and relax our weary body. It is a truly welcome treat especially after an exciting holiday that often leave most of us in dire need of sleep and not to forget that departure from Philippines is around midnight. If you want to try out Korean dishes, which I highly recommend, try to buffet served all day at the HUB lounge for just about GBP13. The abalone porridge is a must, I can’t have enough, which I later found out, is made from a very expensive seashell.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines

For those travelling on a British passport, a very viable option is to book one of the many tours ranging from 1-5hour durations at GBP5-22/per person. Filipino passports may have to apply visa before their travel.

If none of these interests you at all, the numerous shops should keep you busy whilst the children spend time at the kids zone. Before you knew it, it’s almost time to board the onward flight to Heathrow, with a renewed strength to endure the next journey.

I can say that Asiana is truly deserving of its 5-star status and Airline of the Year Award 2009! Try and experience the wonderful travel service provided by Asiana and its staff, where providing enjoyment to your travel is of utmost concern.