Top 10 local foods you must try in the Philippines

  • 01 Adobo

    Marinated pork or chicken in vinegar and soy sauce. There are various versions around the country.

  • 02 Sinigang

    A popular tamarind, calamansi, guava or green mango based soup.

  • 03 Sisig

    Diced pork ears and cheeks served on a sizzling plate. Best served with ice-cold beer.

  • 04 Kare kare

    Stewed oxtail, beef or tripe and vegetables in peanut sauce.
    Kare kare

  • 05 Lechon

    Split-roast pig with liver sauce.

  • 06 Balut

    Boiled duck eggs with partially formed embryo. This is for the more adventurous to try.

  • 07 Dinuguan

    Savoury stew of pork or meat simmered in rich a dark, spicy gravy of pigs blood with garlic, chilli and vinegar. Best eaten with sweet steamed rice cake called put.

  • 08 Halo halo

    A mix of different sweet beans and fruits combined with shaved ice and milk.
    Halo halo

  • 09 Arroz Caldo or Goto

    Arroz caldo is a chicken and rice porridge stewed in broth, ginger, chives, and occasionally saffron. It is called GOTO when ox tripe is used instead of chicken.

  • 10 Rum

    Try this alcoholic drink – Philippine rum made from sugar cane aged in dark oak barrels for 7 years.

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