Stopover in Japan

A stopover holiday to Japan will be a once in a lifetime experience. Make the most of your time anywhere here, no matter how brief.

Stopover in Tokyo
Tokyo – a genuine mix of old and new. You will be amazed how the ultra-modern, neon-lit skyscrapers sit together with historic and traditional shrines. Why not take a short trip to stroll round the Imperial Palace gardens, indulge in a bit of shopping at one of the many lavish stores, visit the famous Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa or simply enjoy a cup of tea in Ginza, watching people rush by.

Stopover in Kyoto and Osaka
If you are after experiencing traditional Japanese lifestyle, head to Kyoto. This city is famous for its numerous sacred temples and shrines, beautiful gardens and palaces and traditional Japanese accommodation called ryokan, where you can also partake in traditional tea ceremonies. From here you can take a short trip to Nara, and in particular to Nara Park, which is home to a number of splendid shrines and hundreds of freely roaming deer. Alternatively, you could visit Osaka, a nearby city which renowned for its modern architecture and nightlife and hearty street food.

Authentic Experience in Japan
Japan, despite being an ultra-modern country, offers lots of traditional and cultural experiences and places to discover. Choose among the day trips we have selected to make your trip a truly memorable experience.

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